We offer a number of solutions in order provide you with a website to meet your needs. 

Our websites are typically based on pre-designed templates and we can show you a range of templates to choose from. These can then be adapted to reflect your business in terms of logo, styles etc. We also have a number of designers that we can engage for a project if you require a fully bespoke website.

In addition to website development, we can also offer the following services -

  • Analytics - This provides information on site visitors and the ways in which they interact with your site. This information is useful in order to allow you to optimise your website in order to generate maximum exposure.
  • Search Optimisation - We can register your site with Google and create a site map to ensure that the site is fully indexed which is required in order to fully benefit from Google search.
  • Business Listing - This ensures that your business is listed on Google and the search results includes important information, such as your telephone number, opening hours and website details.
  • Advertisement - We can register your site for Google Adwords; which will ensure that your business appears prominently for appropriate search terms. This is based on a "cost per click" model; where you pay Google a small fee for each click your website receives.
  • Affiliate Marketing - If appropriate, we can place adverts on your site for other retailers. You are then able to receive income when these adverts are clicked on. This is often a useful way of generating income; especially if your website has high through traffic, such as a popular blog.