At Hmtt Ltd we take testing very seriously. Testing not only ensures that code is working as expected, but provides a framework for the code that protects it from future changes.

Our tests cover a range of test scenarios such as unit tests, back-end service interface testing and UI based testing using tools such as Selenium.

At the until test level, all applicable classes have an associated JUnit test. All unit test code developed by HMTT undergoes rigorous checks to ensure they are fit for purpose. We employ techniques such as coverage and mutation testing to ensure sufficient test robustness.

We are also keen advocates of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). We use tools such as Cucumber to describe the system in a language that business users will understand. We also produces reports which illustrate the BDD tests and their results. The reports act as documentation for the system and describes how the system is expected to behave.

Although our focus is usually on back end services, we are often called on to test user interfaces (UI). We have done this on numerous occasions, employing technologies such as Selenium to interact with web browsers. Some of our more successfully recent initiatives have involved setting up Selenium Grid on Docker for efficient and fast parallel testing of Ajax based web applications. We also have experience of testing using cloud based test automation solutions for cross browser/platform testing; such as SauceLabs.