Hmtt Ltd have extensive experience of working with a number of technologies in order to provide clients with solutions best suited to their needs. 

The core technology we work with is Java and Java related technologies. Our recent projects have primarily been to develop back-end web services for financial and media organisations. We have also delivered robust test solutions using BDD with technologies such as Cucumber and Selenium, for UI based applications.

The clients we work with predominately use Agile development principles to deliver projects. However we also have considerable experience working with clients who employ the Waterfall methodology and are happy to adapt to align with the chosen delivery method or your company.

We have a decade of experience of delivering web services. The services we delivered have supported business operations of large, FTSE 100 companies with high through-put. Our most recent services are based on REST principles and use JSON as a messaging standard. We typically use Spring as the underlying framework, but are able to look at alternative options if required.

We also have experience of designing and developing services based on JAX-WS/JAXB within a SOA based architecture. In addition we also have experience of using ESB's, such as Apache Camel and Oracle Service Bus.

We offer a range of website development solutions; from simple static pages to fully functional web sites which allow you to add and edit your own content. We also provide support for a number of popular requirements, such as providing site analytic's, search optimisation and affiliate marketing options.

Our recent projects have involved developing websites based on the Joomla content management system (CMS). A CMS allows non technical authors to add content or edit existing content without having to understand the technicalities of how a web page works. 

Where possible we are keen to provide our solutions as open source in order to allow others to benefit from them and expand them.

Our Open Source projects are available via GitHub. Our GitHub repository can be found at This contains a selection of delivered and "in progress" projects. Each project has a readme file which contains more details.

Our Maven repository can be found at

At Hmtt Ltd we take testing very seriously. Testing not only ensures that code is working as expected, but provides a framework for the code that protects it from future changes.

Our tests cover a range of test scenarios such as unit tests, back-end service interface testing and UI based testing using tools such as Selenium.

Hmtt Ltd have highly experienced staff who can be deployed within your business to lead and train other team members. This includes mentoring, training, leading teams of developers and providing technical design and solutions to projects.

We have previously led a number of teams with varying personnel compositions, such as fully onshore, part onshore/part offshore, and graduate/junior developers.