The automated booking application is designed to automatically book specific Gym classes as and when they become available.

It started life as a small scheduled Selenium script. However we had so much fun developing the application that it evolved into a fully automated secure solution that includes a responsive web front end that displays available classes and allows users to select classes to book.

The automated booking application has two key features -

  • Scans the website offering the service to be booked, and records all services that can potentially be booked, including booking date and time.
  • Runs a scheduled script to check for the availability of the services the client has requested, and books them if and when they become available.

The UI allows users to -

  • Securely login
  • View all services that can be scheduled to be booked
  • View all services that the user has scheduled to book
  • Add a service to book
  • Remove a service from the booking schedule
  • Add specific date exclusions to ensure that a the automated booking service doesn't book for specific dates that the user does not require

The application runs on an Openshift Tomcat/MySQL gear,

The technical architecture is as follows -

  • Web UI: Responsive front end with Spring MVC back-end.
  • Services: REST/Json interface using the Spring framework.
  • ORM: Hibernate JPA
  • Database: MySQL
  • Build management: Maven
  • Unit tests: JUnit/Hamcrest/Mockito/Spring test framework
  • Integration tests: Cucumber/H2 embedded database.
  • CI build server: Travis CI

Each build produces a number of artefacts -

  • A Cucumber report - CLICK HERE for latest report
  • Code quality is measured by Sonar - CLICK HERE for latest report

The application can be found here but is secured using basic authentication. The Cucumber report contains screenshots which illustrate the web UI capabilities.


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