Alva Play Pals is a charity located in central Scotland that provides before and after school care for local children. We were approached by the Play Pals board to deliver a website for them to advertise their services and to allow parents to contact them. The site had to be simple to navigate and colourful and friendly. 

The automated booking application is designed to automatically book specific Gym classes as and when they become available.

It started life as a small scheduled Selenium script. However we had so much fun developing the application that it evolved into a fully automated secure solution that includes a responsive web front end that displays available classes and allows users to select classes to book.

The Cucumber Step Redundancy project is intended to highlight steps that have been implemented in Java but are no longer used. Cucumber will readily report on Cucumber steps in feature files that have no implementation, but it will not report on implemented steps that have no feature file referencing step.

Common scenarios are when a step is implemented, but the referring step in the Cucumber feature file is edited to do something else, or removed altogether.

The purpose of this project is to ensure your code base is as current as possible relative to your feature files and to ensure that unused legacy code doesn't persist and complicate your code base.